'Excerpts from the Palace of Anxiety' is a meditation on memory, place and origins. These photo diptychs seek to explore the relationship between familial roots,
the ambiguity of creative beginnings and how the past resonates into the present. I was born to an immigrant family in the house that these photos document.
The property had been in the family since 1929. At one point three generations of family lived there at the same time. The building was sold some time ago but
prior to the sale and vacating the premises, I was able to document aspects of the home. Recently, I was able to briefly regain access to the property from the
current owner and continue to shoot and reflect. This work is a personal project but also seeks to find its place in a collective narrative.
Technically the project is a blending of archival analog photographs, mostly taken by my father, and digital photos taken by myself.
This project also includes text, spoken word, audio and video as it continues to evolve into a more layered and intricate body of work.
As an artist I tend to focus on portraiture and longterm photographic projects of which "excerpts from the Palace of Anxiety" is one.
This project have been exhibited nationally and internationally."
Francis Crisafio 2018


_PHOTONOLA, "CURRENTS 2018", New Orleans, LA.
“Excerpts from the Palace of Anxiety”, Juror | Anjuli Lebowitz, National Gallery of Art, 12.06.2018 > 02.15.2019

_"Interiors" @ A.SMITH GALLERY, Johnson City, TX.
“Excerpts from the Palace of Anxiety”, Juror | Elizabeth Avedon, 10.05.2018 > 11.18.2018

_FILTER PHOTO, Re / member / construct @ Filter Space, Chicago, Ill.
“Excerpts from the Palace of Anxiety”, Juror | Lisa Volpe | Associate Curator Photography, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. TX.
09.21.2018 > 10.27.2018

_SOUTHEAST CENTER for PHOTOGRAPHY, "Memory of Place", Greenville, SC.
“Excerpts from The Palace of Anxiety”, Juror | Susan Spiritus | Susan Spiritus Gallery
07.6.2018 > 07.28.2018